So, cabaret_chic won't post this because she's afraid her journal will explode from the awkwardness. But I had toooo. I want everyone to see this bahahahaaha!
My favorite is the girl in the polo and the Adidas windpants. She's running around there.
Valjean is just not the same as a soprano. The girl who plays him has a higher voice than Fantine FTW.
Also, they break the #1 rule of being onstage A LOT: NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THE AUDIENCE.

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Step 1: Put your iTunes (or whatever) on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike out the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is cheating!
1. We have all the time in the world.
2. Hey! Uh huh huh. Hey! Uh huh huh. What I like about you.
3. I know that you're down and out, and feelin' really crappy.
4. Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky.
5. The sun is shinin', it's a lovely day! A perfect morning for a kid to play.
6. He's a very smart prince. He's a prince who prepares.
7. I used to live in a darkened room. Had a face of stone and a heart of gloom.
8. Oh, well that's all I need! Folk dancing! Me ole bamboo, me ole bamboo...
9. Lyin' here with you, listenin' to the rain.
10. I'm a long way from home.
11. Every time I look at you, I don't understand.
12. Where in the world have you been hiding? Really, you were perfect!
13. One of my fondest memories was sittin' on my daddy's knee.
14. There is a house in New Orleans.
15. I see your teeth flash, Jamaican honey so sweet.
16. Throwin' pictures out the window, scattered by the way the wind blows.
17. We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll!
18. You have your work, and nothing more.
19. I  want to tell you all a story, 'bout a Harper Valley widowed wife.
20. Sexy Sadie, what have you done? Made a fool of everyone...

Stolen from cattylina .

Another to follow...

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101 Things in 1001 Days - My List.

January 1, 2009 - September 30, 2011

1. Shave my legs without missing a spot.
2. Go to a party and not be catty.
3. Take my contacts out every night.
4. Wash my face every night.
5. Learn a new language.
6. Get a matching tattoo with my sister.
7. Learn French or Spanish.
8. Read Tam O'Shanter
9. Finish Les Miserables.
10. Finish A Passionate Girl.
11. Finish Jekyll and Hyde
13. Read at least two Jane Austen novels.
14. Making more girl friends.
15. Go to the PRCA Circuit Finals in Great Falls.
16. Be in my senior year of college.
17. Have a GPA worth being proud of.
18. Learn 10 new piano pieces. (0/10)
19. Try out for Dolce Canto.
20. Sing in public.
21. Cook at least one meal a week.
22. Finish a story that's not fanfiction.
23. Start a collection.
24. Learn to draw.
25. Update my dA account with a new drawing every month.
26. Update my dA account with a new photo every month.
27. Find a job.
28. Spend a summer in Missoula.
29. Get and keep gel nails.
30. Change my hairstyle at least twice.
31. Finish papers at least one day ahead of time.
32. Stick with my new major.
33. Buy and drink a really good bottle of wine with friends.
34. Successfully tackle one of my guy friends.
35. Update my LJ at least once a week.
36. Do a page in my scrapbook at least every two months.
37. Drink more water and less soda.
38. Get over grudges from high school.
39. Learn to knit.
40. Finish a cross stitch.
41. Find my bridesmaids.
42. Realize that everyone that meets me doesn't hate me.
43. Try out for a play.
44. Pay off my credit card.
45. Get better at Photoshop.
46. Find at least five new musicals that I like. (0/5)
47. Read Wuthering Heights.
48. Write a parody fic.
49. Go to a play.
50. Go to a concert.
51. Get my eyebrows waxed.
52. Take my vitamans every day.
53. Schedule that "woman's appointment" that I've been putting off for ages. And go to said appointment.
54. Stop apologizing so much.
55. Stop drunk smoking/chewing.
56. Stop trying so hard to be one of the guys.
57. Get down to 120.
58. Get a new iPod.
59. Use said iPod. At the gym.
60. Get better sleeping habits.
61. Stop Facebook/Myspacing so much.
62. Write a paper that deserves a MEGA A.
63. Go to karaoke. And actually sing.
64. Stop making excuses!
65. Keep being a grammar nazi.
66. Beta at least one story/paper.
67. Take a pilates class.
68. Send out Christmas cards.
69. Take more pictures.
70. Donate blood.
71. Learn how to post LJ entries under cuts. [any help on this one would be great =]]
72. Watch and understand a movie in a foreign language.
73. Become more flexible.
74. Cook a surprise dinner for my boyfriend.
75. Participate in a NaNoWriMo challenge.
76. Participate in a dA challenge.
77. Get or make a picture to hang on the blank wall over the bed.
78. Sit on the roof and drink beer on a warm summer night.
79. Keep my whiteboard calendar updated.
80. Fill the clock my mom got me for Christmas with pictures (0/9)
81. Get a pet and keep it.
82. Learn as much as I can about Art History.
83. Do as much extra credit for classes as possible.
84. Buy and wear more sundresses.
85. Keep my day planner better updated.
86. Ace an exam.
87. Put my hair in a ponytail as little as possible.
88. Beat my roommates at Clue.
89. Become more open and relaxed around strangers.
90. Learn to read tabs.
91. Get a phone with a texting keyboard.
92. Buy something from Hollister.
93. Buy those cute little bows for hair and wear them.
94. Eat a sucker without biting it.
95. Stand up to someone.
96. Stop losing one earring.
97. Try out for Shakespeare in the Parks.
98. Buy a comfortable pair of flats that I love.
99. Get a new windshield.
100. Try something new every time I go to sushi.
101. Live in the present, not the past.


Les Amis Iconage!

Sorry for lack of variation. I didn't do the girls. If you want the present/bg a different color, or I left out your fav character, I'd be happy to make one for you! Comments are love, credit to mariegrantaire required =]
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Ack. Bad sketch, worse quality pic. I'll fix it someday but right now I'm lazy. Heere's Enjy! For a bigger view, see my DA page.

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Music Quiz.

Humph. Had to use iTunes 'cause someone stole my iPod =[. Will do this again when I actually have a decent amount of music. *pout*
1.How are you feeling today?
We Built This City on Rock and Roll (Starship)

2.Will you get far in life?
The King of the Golden Hall (Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers)

3.How do your friends see you?
Harper Valley PTA (Dolly Parton)

4.Will you get married?
You Make Me Feel So Young (Frank Sinatra)

5.What is your best friend's theme song?
Redneck Woman (Gretchen Wilson)

6.What is the story of your life?
One of the Guys (Terri Clark)

7.What is high school like?
Buckaroo (Dolly Parton)

8.How can you get ahead in life?
Tune Up #2 (Rent)

9.What is the best thing about your friends?
Into the West (Return of the King)

10.What is in store for this weekend?
Stars (Les Miserables - Dutch Cast)

11.To describe your grandparents?
Don't Let the Sun go Down on Me (Elton John)

12.How is your life going?
Love Changes Everything (Michael Ball)

13.What song will they play at your funeral?
La Vie Boheme (Rent)

14.How does the world see you?
Red Rabbits (The Shins)

15.Will you have a happy life?
Home of the Blues (Johnny Cash)

16.What do your friends really think of you?
Something About the Way you Look Tonight (Elton John)

17.Does someone secretly like you?
Goodbye Love (Rent)

18.How can I make myself happy?
You'd be so Nice to Come Home To (Frank Sinatra)

19.What should you do with your life?
I Should Tell You (Rent)

20.Will you ever have children?
Because You Loved Me (Michael Ball)

Meet Belle!

Yay here she is! Kind of a bad picture, but she wouldn't look up for me. I still think she looks like an Eponine - she's all skinny and is super sweet, if a little on the jumpy side. She's an 8 year old Morgan, and her baby is due May 11th, the day before my birthday!